With Dr. Schoenberg as your facial plastic surgeon, you are guaranteed to receive the special, individualized attention and care that you deserve. He is dedicated to surgical excellence. As a patient, you will be informed, assisted and supported every step of the way. Together as a team, you will achieve the natural, refreshed look that is you!

Dr. Schoenberg performs his specialty in a fully accredited and certified surgical suite utilizing the most sophisticated technology. With the assistance of a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and a team of highly skilled and experienced registered surgical nurses, you can rest assured of your safety, comfort and care.

Plastic surgery procedures

Dr. Schoenberg and his team offer a broad range of surgical procedures, including:

Minimizing pain and accelerating recovery

Dr. Schoenberg provides all of his patients from pre- through post-surgery with herbal therapy and other healthful hints that promote healing, reduce bruising and swelling, boost immunities and accelerate recovery.

No matter what procedure was accomplished or the age of the patient, Dr. Schoenberg's patients require minimal pain medication, if any, and are rarely out of normal daily activity for more than one week.