A beautiful nose is a natural one that compliments and fits harmoniously with a patient's face. Dr. Schoenberg does not believe in a universally ideal nose, rather an ideal nose for a particular face.

Dr. Schoenberg performs rhinoplasty to help correct birth defects or acquired deformities. The goal is always to help the patient look and breathe as well as possible.

Dr. Schoenberg employs the endonasal approach to rhinoplasty using dissolvable sutures inside the nose to reshape nasal cartilage thereby leaving no visible scars. The emphasis is always on keeping a surgical nose appearing as a natural complement to the individual's face. Dr. Schoenberg also does not put an uncomfortable pack in the nose. Instead, he believes in natural irrigation to speed the healing process and encourages breathing through the nose.

If there is a deformity causing difficulty breathing through the nose, insurance will generally cover the costs. Dr. Schoenberg is a participating physician for most health insurance plans.